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Webcam Motion Capture Webcam Motion Capture
Be a virtual YouTuber with NO expensive devices! Be a virtual YouTuber with NO expensive devices!


No need to buy any expensive devices to be a virtual YouTuber in the era of AI!

With AI-powered Webcam Motion Capture, the camera on your computer or smartphone can fully control your 3D avatar.

Since its launch in November 2021, more than 21800 users from 118 countries have subscribed to Webcam Motion Capture!

Feel free to download our software for free and enjoy it!


High Quality Hand and Finger Tracking with Only Webcam

No Need to Buy Any Special Device to be a VTuber!

  • Natural and Robust Hand and Finger Tracking using only Webcam.
  • Head Tracking, Facial Expression Tracking, Eye Gaze Tracking, Eye Blink Detection, Lip Sync, and Upper Body Tracking are also included.
  • Compatible with the Face Tracking Apps supporting Perfect Sync which uses Face ID on iPhone/iPad for Rich Facial Expressions (List of Supported Apps).

Send Out the Tracking Data to External Apps via VMC Protocol

Realtime Webcam-based Hand Tracking in External Apps

  • Webcam Motion Capture's tracking data can be sent to any app supporting VMC Protocol.
  • Add Hand Tracking to a VTuber app such as VSeeFace, which is not supporting Hand Tracking by default.
  • Send the tracking data via VMC Protocol to major Game Engines using a free plugin (Unity / Unreal Engine).

Save Motion Capture Data to FBX File

As a Motion Capture Tool to Create a Character Animation

  • Use Webcam Motion Capture as a motion capture tool without special devices.
  • Webcam Motion Capture can save the motion capture data to an FBX File, which is supported by major Computer Graphics software such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, etc.


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E-mail: contact@webcammotioncapture.info
E-mail: contact@webcammotioncapture.info
1-46-1 Ochiai, Cocolia Tama Center 7F., Tama, Tokyo
1-46-1 Ochiai, Cocolia Tama Center 7F., Tama, Tokyo